What are the concerns?

Water privatization can be exceptionally problematic. In short, it has the ability to transform water from a right into a commodity. This increases the cost of water. Additionally, water privatization permits a small group of individuals and corporations to acquire large profits. It is often also associated with a disregard for environmental concerns. Water privatization is a complex, multifaceted subject that should render much concern, research, and action.

 water priv 1


The United States and Water Privatization 

For instance, the United States participates in and is affected by water privatization. One of the current and most mainstream trends, “… is based in fragmented private property rights in water, market transfers of water to those most able and willing to pay, and a commodification of water that serves primarily or solely to satisfy ever-increasing self-serving consumer demands” (Arnold 849). This law and policy review identifies a major source of concern with regards to water privatization. It describes how water becomes a commodity that is exploited by individuals that have the financial means to self-serve their consumer demands. This is alarming because water is a basic necessity for life. If it becomes an expensive, privileged commodity that many cannot afford, people’s lives are incredibly endangered. Without access to water, individuals are bereft of an essential component of livelihood.

Water Privatization Affects Everyone

Below is a short clip that briefly cites issues of water privatization from the World Water Center.


(The Issue of Water Privatization).


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